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  • Diamond Polish Tri Layer Ceramic Plates: Isn’t that just a mouthful? Well I’ll break it down for you real quick. What this basically does it provide a super smooth styling surface for your hair! And who doesn’t want that?
  • High Maximum Temperature: 450 degrees! You didn’t come here to play games, you came here to find a device that would help style your hair. And this flat iron means business!
  • Texture IQ System: So while 450 might sound like the perfect temperature for you, you might be in need of something different depending on your hair texture. Luckily for you the Texture IQ System will calibrate the heat for you. You won’t even have to worry about it!
  • Minimize Heat Damage: A gentle infrared heat signal will get into your hair follicle. While that might sound scary, in reality it works to prevent heat damage from occurring.
  • Floating Beveled Plates: To give a boost to the potential styling control.
  • Get Rid Of Frizz And Keep Moisture: This flat iron will work to keep moisture locked into your luscious hair while getting rid of all that pesky frizz.
  • Detoxifies Hair: You’ll be able to leave your hair in much better condition.

Verge Flat Iron, 1'' Slim

$49.50 Regular Price
$34.50Sale Price
Color: Black
  • They say beauty isn’t skin deep, but who doesn’t love a good hairstyle? You see people on social media, magazines, and TV with their hairstyles that look pretty flawless. But you’d just settle for pretty, wouldn’t you? While nothing is flawless, this Verge Flat Iron wants to elevate you several steps above “pretty” and give you an enviable look. Because maybe you’re ready to take on the world or maybe you just want to look great when you go out on the town. So just what exactly would you be getting your hands on if you purchased this product? Well read on to find out!

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