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  • Temperature for Any Hair Type: No matter the length or texture of your hair, this product has exactly what it takes to help you out. So no need to worry!
  • Say Goodbye To Static & Frizz: You want to keep moisture in your hair! That way you can achieve a truly stellar look. What this flat iron makes sure to do is take away the static and frizz that are commonly in hair.
  • Swivel Cord for Accessibility: Some flat irons have shorter swivel cords, meaning that it is extremely difficult for you to achieve the appropriate angle when you are styling your hair. However this one allows for you to achieve every angle.

Legacy Professional Flat Iron (1 Inch)

  • Getting ready for the big night out isn’t just a matter of errands. When you get your hair ready it’s not just a simple matter. Whether you’re trying to impress someone or just put out a good impression, hair care is essential, and is not to be taken lightly. So right now you’re browsing online, trying to find a flat iron that can keep up with your demands. Because whether you use flat irons frequently, or it’s a once in a blue moon kind of opportunity, you want to be able to pull out all of the stops. And that is exactly why you’ve stopped at the Legacy Professional Flat Iron. Because something about it speaks to you. Well if you read on, you might learn more about why you and this product were meant to be.

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