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  • A Smooth Styling Surface: Remember that crushed diamond infused tri-layer ceramic plates I was just talking about? Those are going to help out a lot when it comes to your hair. I mean, they sound impressive on their own, don’t they?
  • Nano Triplex Technology: Doesn’t that just sound fancy? What this technology is going to do is make sure that you can keep all of that precious moisture in your hair. That will prevent static and frizz from occurring.
  • Time to turn up the Heat: Your heat up times will be convenient for you! No more waiting for your hair care utensils to come to life.
  • Minimize Heat Damage: Because you’re dealing with a very hot substance, infrared heat is going to get into your hair follicles to make sure that any damage is kept to a minimum. Because you want your hair to look good for longer than a night.

Legacy Professional Flat Iron (1 3/4 Inch)

$115.90 Regular Price
$84.90Sale Price
  • Flat irons are a tricky business, mainly because they’re everywhere. Maybe they’re not sold in every store, but a quick search for flat irons turns up too many results. Too many when it comes to decision making anyway. So Legacy decided it was going to fix all that, and they created a flat iron just for you. Featured crushed diamond infused tri layer ceramic players for the perfect styling experience and Nano Triplex technology for keeping in moisture, this is a product that DID NOT come to mess around. Because when it comes to your hair, they mean business just like you mean business. So let’s get down to business and talk more about the wonderful features you’ll get your hands on when you purchase this product.

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