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  • Optimized Temperature Control: What this enables you to do is adjust the temperature depending on your hair length and texture. That way you’ll be able to achieve optimal conditions as far as styling goes.
  • Safety Turn Off: After 60 minutes of not using this item, it will turn off automatically. That way, you won’t have to worry about any additional problems.
  • Instant Heat Up: No more waiting for the heat to turn up! It will power up quickly, allowing you to get on with the making of your masterpiece.
  • Lock In Moisture: Thanks to the Tourmaline Technology within this device, negative ions will be used to lock in moisture. Did you space out for most of that sentence? I’ll repeat the important part: moisture is locked in. Frizz won’t be a thing. Thank me later.
  • Heal & Repair Your Damaged Hair: There are LED DIODES in this device that help you heal your damaged hair.

Epic Infrared Hair Straightening Styling Flat Iron, 1Inch

  • Getting perfect hair is no small task. In fact, many would consider it be a difficult one. But here’s the thing, you’ve got places to be, people to meet. You need a tool that will get you a great hairstyle without a lot of hassle. And that’s why this product is here for you. This product is here to be the perfect hair utensil you need to conquer whatever anxieties you’re facing and whatever hair issues you are having today. From optimized temperature control to LED DIODES that will work actively to heal and repair your hair, this is a product that’ll have you singing its praises long after your hair is settled and perfect.

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