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  • Quick Heat Up: You’ll be able to get temperatures all the way up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit!
  • Long Swivel Cord: You will get 10 feet of swivel cord. What this will essentially allow you to do is approach your hair from any angle, allowing you to get the best experience possible.
  • Save Some Energy: Let’s face it, any device that can power up in under a minute to up to 450 degrees is not one that is a frugal spender when it comes to electricity. Thankfully, one thing that this device does do is turn itself off after 60 minutes of nonuse.
  • Keep That Moisture To Yourself: Moisture is what keeps your hair looking fabulous. Dry frizzy hair is what’s going to give you a bad hair day to remember. And that’s exactly why the special technology within this flat iron works overtime to make sure that all that sweet moisture stays in your hair.

Epic Infrared Hair Straightening Styling Flat Iron, 1.3 inch

$139.50 Regular Price
$79.50Sale Price
  • When it comes to getting the ideal hair style, it is important to look into a product that is going to fully deliver on all of the promises that it sets out to make. Well feel free to hold your horses and stop your search, because by golly you’ve found it. This product is designed to have a quick heat up and various other features that will provide for an optimized and incredible hair styling experience that’ll have you jolly and joyous. Read on to learn more about the impressive features you’ll be able to get your hands on when you buy this product.

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