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  • 450 Degrees Of Heat: This flat iron did NOT come to mess around. You won’t be dealing with any kind of lukewarm temperatures here. You are going to get the real deal. This will heat up to 450 degrees, allowing you to get a premium hair styling experience.
  • 10 Foot Swivel Cord: While plenty of competitors might tout their products, their swivel cords leave much to be desired. Swivel cords are basically what allow you to approach your hair from whatever angle your heart desires. And with 10 feet of it, you know you’re in for a great time. Your hair will thank you.
  • Salon Quality Results: Here’s the thing, salons are great. But boy oh boy are they expensive. They’re like miniature spas that will leave you feeling amazing but your wallet feeling absolutely drained. That’s why this product was designed. To give the salon prices a run for their money!
  • Perfect For Damaged Hair: Some of us have kept our hair health throughout the years, while others don’t quite have it so easy anymore. And that’s exactly why this is going to be a great product for you, if you have damaged hair. Because some other products won’t cater to you quite as well. But this one recognizes whatever difficulties there may be.

Epic Flat Iron Ceramic Hair Straightener (1 Inch)

  • So you’ve got plans. And not just any plans. Big plans. And big plans require big looks. Not necessarily big hair, but hair that makes a big impression. And that’s why you’re here. Because you’re interested in a hair straightener that will give you that defined panache in your look that will turn heads and make everyone wish that they were you. Read on to learn more about why this Epic Flat Iron Ceramic Hair Straightener is exactly what you need to get your hands on.

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