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  • Detoxify Your Hair: Okay, so some of us hit the genetic jackpot and are able to flaunt luscious hair even before any kind of hair care gets involved. However some of us might struggle in keeping healthy gorgeous hair, and can’t afford to invest in products that might bring negative side effects. Well this bubble wand will take care to leave your hair looking nice and health, taking out toxins.
  • Turn Up the Heat: So you’ve got a million things to do before you’re ready to go. I mean, who has ever only prepared their hair for a night out? You NEED a hair utensil that will power up, and power up quickly. Luckily for you this product will get you just that!
  • Non-Slip Counter Rest: You can feel free to put down this bubble wand without worrying about it falling to the ground!
  • Cool Tip & Starter Clip: What this basically means is that easy styling is going to be delivered to you. After all, versatility is a must when it comes to hair styling.
  • Tangle Free Swivel Cord: You will get 360 degrees of tangle free movement. So you’ll be able to turn your hairdo into a masterpiece easily!

Verge Bubble Wand

Color: Black
  • Whether your hair care station is an arsenal or you keep things pretty minimalistic, owning this Bubble Wand is a must have. There are all kinds of hair, which means that shopping for the perfect hair care tools is an important decision to make. If you decide to get your hands on a Verge Bubble Wand, you will be unlocking the following versatile features that will turn your bad hair day into a victory lap. So what are you waiting for?

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