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PCH®  Program

What is PCH?

PCH stands for Perfectly Cared Hair. Everyone deserves to have PCH.



What is the PCH Program?

It's a lifetime program. All members participating in PCH program will enjoy the following lifetime benefits for any orders on this site:

1) 60-day return for full refund;

​2) Lifetime free shipping for US and Canada;

3) Lifetime 15% discount for any new purchase on this site;

4) 90-day exchange for any expensive model with charge for price difference only;

Other benefits include, but not limited to, new product testing for free trial; ONE Styling Beauty Products will always recommend best tools for you.

How to join PCH Program?

Step One: Become a candidate member by filling email in the form on Home page.

Step Two: Purchase any items on this site to reach total of $99 within 12 months period.

Step Three: Now you start enjoying lifetime benefits from PCH Program and no minimum order is required to maintain your membership.

How does 60-day return work?

According to our return policy, orders are allowed to return for full refund within 30 days after shipping. PCH Program members enjoy 60 days as long as the item is in new condition for re-sale. 

Is free shipping for Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico?

Yes. It may take longer to arrive than shipping to continental US.

How does 90-day exchange work?

Within 90 days of shipping, item ordered on this site can be exchanged for a more expensive model with charge of price difference only.

How to contact you if more questions?

Please go to Contact page and submit your questions. We will reply to you within 24 hours.

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